Expected Value in MATLAB

From Wikipedia:
“In probability theory, the expected value of a random variable, intuitively, is the long-run average value of repetitions of the experiment it represents.”

I decided to give it a try in MATLAB.

% Expected Value of a Die
numOfIterations = 100000;
meanArray = zeros([1 numOfIterations]);
values = zeros([1 numOfIterations]);

for i = 1:numOfIterations
   % Get a random value between the range of [1 6]
   values(i) = randi(6);
   % Calculate the mean so far
   meanArray(i) = mean(values(1:i));

plot(1:numOfIterations, meanArray);

% Display the latest calculated mean

This is the result:



Computational Photography Portfolio

This semester (Fall 2016) in the Georgia Tech OMSCS program, I took Computational Photography. It was a great class!

The final assignment is to make a portfolio to showcase our results from the different assignments we had during the semester.

If you are interested in knowing more about the class, visit the following link: https://cs6475.wordpress.com/fall-2016/

There were 11 assignments:

Assignment # Title Goal
1 A Photograph is a photograph Share one picture to get started with class
2 Image I/O & Python Setup Setup your computing environment
3 Epsilon Photography 2 picture with Epsilon Difference
4 Gradients and Edges Computing with Images
5 Camera Obscura Build a PinHole Camera
6 Blending Experiment with Image Blending
7 Feature Detection Use Feature Detection
8 Panoramas Build a Simple Panorama
9 HDR Experiments with HDR
10 Photos of Space Generate Panorama and PhotoSynths
11 Video Textures Build a Video Texture

Click here to see the Portfolio